The Full Story  (continued)
  Kelley was Lead Developer, then Director of R&D at SenseNet Inc. for 5 years prior to starting KJW. Wasson has a background in fine arts, graphic design, and client relations. Before founding KJW, she held the position of Director of Project Management at SenseNet Inc., overseeing design, production, and technology on all projects.
  Together, Kelley and Wasson bring a wealth of technology and design expertise to client projects. What KJW does not  bring to the table is a large staff of employees, or a complex infrastructure. At KJW, we don't believe in placing a multi-person chain of communication in between our clients and our hands-on developers.
  We like to keep things personal. If you have a design question or need, you'll work directly with the creative director. If you have a technology issue you wish to discuss, you can speak directly with the lead developer.